13. The Worst Times To Sell Your House In Kannapolis NC

Looking to sell a property in Kannapolis NC? Here at Property Solutions, LLC, we buy houses in Kannapolis North Carolina, and pay cash for houses in Kannapolis for local home sellers who need to sell their property fast. But if you’re thinking of selling your home on your own, then learn about the best and worst times to sell your property in Kannapolis NC here in our latest post!

By looking at historical sales data, it is possible to identify good and poor times to sell a house in Kannapolis NC. If you are able to, avoid listing during times when it is less likely you will find a buyer quickly. Especially if you have an agent put the property in the MLS, every day it sits in there, your Days on Market (DOM) counter goes up, indicating to anyone browsing your listing (or his or her agent) that your house is taking a while to sell, and is therefore not worth the asking price for some reason, be it a condition of the house,  junky neighbors, etc. Because you have no idea when, if, and how much your real estate will ultimately sell for, it’s important to sell far in advance of any life changes that would make it difficult for you not to be able to sell your home quickly, such as divorce, buying another property, moving, job loss, etc. Below, we offer some tips on when listing your house in Kannapolis NC may not be the best choice.

The Worst Times To Sell Your Kannapolis NC House

During Foreclosure In Kannapolis North Carolina

Listing your property is incredibly risky if you are hoping to sell in order to avoid a foreclosure. With a listing, you won’t have a guaranteed sale date which means the bank could take your property before you’ve had a chance to sell it. When you choose to sell your home directly to Property Solutions, LLC, you won’t have to wait around, not knowing when the house will close. We will provide you with a closing date right away, typically within a few short days depending on your preferred schedule.  To learn about options available from the government to help you keep your home, check out the NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund.

For Another NC Investment Opportunity

Listing your Kannapolis NC house when another opportunity is on the table isn’t always a smart idea. By the time everything has been taken care of, you may have missed your opportunity. If you are an investor, you may be out of a property, without many comparable options on the table. If the missed property was intended for you, you may find yourself settling for something you don’t like nearly as much.  Real Estate is one of the least liquid of asset categories, meaning that it is the hardest to turn into cash.  If that needs to be done quickly, you may be certain you will need to sell at a large discount.

If The Kannapolis House Needs Work

Historically, homes that need work before move-in aren’t going to perform as properties that are ready for move-in. Not everybody is looking for a fixer-upper. Many people want to be able to move in and be comfortable in the house right away. They don’t want to spend time and money on a property after making such a large purchase.  This will drive a lot of buyers away who are not looking for a “project” and cause even interested buyers to offer far less than they otherwise would because they know they will face less bidding competition if the property is not in great condition.

Investors and professional homebuyers in North Carolina are usually a better audience for houses that need work. By selling your home directly and away from the Kannapolis NC MLS, you’ll be able to find more people who will have an interest in your property. Plus, with a direct sale, you won’t have to worry about commissions, showings, or when the property will sell.  Here is some information from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) on Home Renovation Costs.

When You Have Tenants In Kannapolis NC

If you want to list your home with tenants in Kannapolis NC, try to wait until your lease is up. If this isn’t an option, let the tenants know about what is happening, but don’t expect them to be too receptive. When you are trying to show a house, the tenant will need to make sure it’s clean and make themselves scarce.  You may be facing an uphill battle if your tenants do not want to move because they know that the new owner will not necessarily keep them on the property.

This can be a lot to ask from your tenant. Many people who list their house with tenants will offer incentives or even help them relocate to another place in exchange for their cooperation. Many home sellers find that selling directly to a company like Property Solutions, LLC eliminates all of the frustrations tenants can cause when trying to sell your home or investment property in Kannapolis NC.

You Have To Move Quickly In North Carolina

Life is full of surprises, and some of them come at you alarmingly quickly. There are many reasons why someone may need to sell their house in a specific amount of time. You may need to move for a new job,  a school out of town, or maybe a sudden illness has caused you to want to be closer to your family. No matter your reason for wanting to sell your Kannapolis NC home fast, a direct sale to Property Solutions, LLC will offer you a guaranteed closing date while a traditional listing will not.

Seasonal Advantages In Kannapolis

Everyone says spring and summer are the best months for listing a property, but this really depends on your market. A lot of people put their house up for sale over the summer, hoping to be in a new home before the school year starts. If you are selling in the summer, watch out for a flooded market. When you choose to sell directly to Property Solutions, LLC, you will be able to sell at any time of year without having to worry about costs or delays.

Sell My House In Kannapolis NC

If you need to sell fast, selling without an agent or the MLS will give you the peace of mind you need. No matter why you need to sell, you can always count on Property Solutions, LLC to make you a fair, no-obligation offer.

In any one of the situations listed above, a direct sale will allow you to sell your house in NC quickly without any hassles or costs. If you have a property you need to sell fast in Kannapolis NC, consider selling it directly to professional North Carolina home buyers such as Property Solutions, LLC in order to save yourself time and money on the sale.

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