192. How To Label And Organize Your Moving Boxes When Buying Or Selling In Concord NC

We Buy Houses In Concord North Carolina. As local homebuyers in North Carolina, we provide residents with the ideal way to sell their property fast by offering cash for houses in Concord. Whether you are buying or selling, there is a move in your future and things are going to get hectic. While there are a few common-sense tips for making a move a little easier, such as using sturdy, clean moving boxes and packing lighter objects in larger boxes and heavier items in small boxes, organization is the key to success. One of the best ways to lessen moving day chaos is knowing how to label and organize your moving boxes when buying or selling in Concord NC.

How To Label And Organize Your Moving Boxes When Buying Or Selling In Concord NC

Moving BinderThe last thing you need on moving day is to be searching for a list or anything else you need to help get through the process of packing the moving truck. Using a binder to control the stress level is a great way to organize your moving boxes when buying or selling in Concord NC. You can keep important papers, lists, and labels here until it is time to start packing. You may want to grab a clear pencil pouch for the binder to keep any small items of importance during the move together as well.

LabelsKnowing how to use the power of labels when buying or selling in Concord NC will be of enormous help when it is time to organize your moving boxes. Labels can be hole punched as close to the outer edge as possible, in order to put them into your moving binder to prepare for moving day. Be sure not to put labels on anything other than boxes, unless you are sure it is easily removable. For furniture or larger belongings, you will want to tie on labels or easy-peel labels to save precious finishes. It also would not be a bad idea to place labels on more than one side of the box, in order to quickly locate information during the rush of unloading the moving truck or unpacking.

Supply KitYou will want to keep a large, preferably clear container that will fit your moving binder along with any supplies you will need for packing and moving. This will make the job of labeling and organizing your moving boxes much more efficient when buying or selling in Concord NC.  Fragile stickers that are red can be added to boxes that require a more gentle touch. You may also wish to use color-coded stickers for every box from one particular room. you will want to have markers, packing tape, and material to fill in open spaces and to wrap any fragile items. Consider using environmentally friendly options for this purpose, such as biodegradable peanuts. 

Box IndexCreating a box index that coordinates with the labels is another helpful way to organize your moving boxes when buying or selling in Concord NC. While it may sound like an overwhelming task to write down the contents of each box, you will thank yourself for the effort. Trying to remember what box you have already packed something away in can be nearly impossible sometimes. Once you get started, you’ll see that the job of jotting everything down actually goes quite quickly.

Open Me FirstKeep in mind that the order of loading the boxes is important when you organize your moving boxes when buying or selling in Concord NC. You will want to have special labels to denote the boxes which are of “open me first” status” and be sure these are the last boxes loaded. You will want to keep in mind what you may be in need of on your first night in your new home, in addition to the clothing and personal sundries you’ll want to have on hand. You’ll want your bedding, towels, and bathing supplies. Remember some food for staving off hunger and especially your coffee for the first morning. 

Don’t DelayWhile it is advisable to begin packing as early as possible, allow yourself 2 – 3 weeks, if possible to label and organize your moving boxes when buying or selling in Concord NC. There is a formula that you can use to estimate the size and number of boxes that you will likely need to successfully pack your home. This will also help in making proper arrangements for the size of the moving truck used in transporting your belongings.  Whatever your plan of attack, you will want to set a goal of completing the night before the move with your “open me first” boxes. You could decide to finish room by room, with a certain date in mind for each room. Otherwise, you could have a goal of a certain number of boxes per day, until you have completed your task.

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