18. How An iBuyer Compares To A Local Home Buyer In Concord NC

We Buy Houses In Concord North Carolina. We are aware that iBuyers are a relatively new option when it comes to selling your home and a lot of folks are wondering how they can purchase something as individualized as real property over the computer, many times from another state. They provide a quick option if you need to sell as soon as possible, but they are not the only option, and may or may not be the best. There are still traditional local homebuyers in North Carolina that are financed and able to purchase cash for houses in Concord. So how does the iBuyer compare to a local home buyer in Concord NC?

iBuyers are companies that buy and sell real estate through technologies. They felt the need to simplify and streamline the real estate transaction process, basically eliminating the real estate licensee. The iBuyers provide a platform to purchase directly from homeowners and sell to buyers directly. These companies are looking for properties in excellent condition, needing little or no repairs. If the property does need repair, they will often offer much less for the house, and many times they will tell you as the Seller that the repairs need to be completed at your expense before closing. iBuyers are focused on higher volume and less profit per unit. As of right now, iBuyers are not active in all areas; they tend to focus on very active areas with property values around $275,000 or higher.

Selling Your Property Through An iBuyer In Concord North Carolina

As a property owner, you need to know how an iBuyer compares to a local home buyer in Concord NC when you decide it’s time to sell your property. Through an iBuyers platform, property owners can request an offer from the company. The owner fills out information about the property and will disclose any known issues or recent upgrades. If the property meets the company’s initial criteria, the platform then runs an evaluation on the subject property. The iBuyer will typically provide a cash offer within 24 – 48 hours of the request. After the owner accepts the offer, the iBuyer will usually send out an inspector to verify the status of the property. If any repairs need to be made, they will either request the seller to fix them or deduct the repair cost from the offer. When the repairs are settled, the owner then picks the close date.  The offer is calculated by computer programs that take into account nearby sales, and things individual to the property like square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, whether the house has a basement, garage, or carport- and many similar factors.

Selling Your Property To A Local House Buyer In North Carolina

A local home buyer in Concord NC will generally be using a real estate agent. This means the local home buyer will be most likely to find your property through the multiple listing service, or MLS of the area. The buyer’s agent would then present the offer contract to the selling agent, or seller directly if they are not using an agent. If the seller accepts the offer, the buyer will usually hire an inspector to make sure there are not any hidden surprises. If you’re lucky, the buyer will purchase in all-cash; however, the typical home buyer will need financing which can take 30-90 days, depending on the lender. This point in the process is where some buyers are forced to withdraw their offer because of financing issues. If they make it past this point and the inspection comes back agreeable, then the closing occurs according to the contract.

Sell My House In Concord NC

Local North Carolina home buyers that do not use real estate agents are usually investors. Working with these buyers will have aspects of iBuyers and buyers with real estate agents as well. They tend to make all-cash offers with quick acceptance time frames but have inspection tendencies like local house buyers that work with real estate agents. They will most likely hire an inspector and request a price reduction for repairs needed. Some investors may need some time to inspect the property or to secure financing. The cash local house buyers will tend to close quickly since they are not waiting for financing. At Property Solutions, LLC, we live and work right here in Concord and the surrounding area, so we are familiar with the properties and neighborhoods, and can oftentimes pay more than an iBuyer who is just looking at your property on a computer screen.  To find out, sell your house in NC directly to us so we make you an all-cash offer today!

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