Welcome to a visual tour of our last rehab! Here are the rest of our Before and After project pictures.

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Always trim large trees close to your property!
Fire to the rescue! Extreme stump removal.
That tractor could not budge the massive uprooted tree. What will we do with it??
Living room drywall up, not taped or finished.
Living Room Teardown complete
Exterior porch teardown complete
Kitchen facing porch before, opening was covered with plywood.
Kitchen sink opening onto porch before.

Exterior porch before. Always trim large trees close to your property!
Exterior front from side view showing massive uprooted tree.
Exterior from far side before

Yard before.
Exterior front before
Kitchen before
Living room before. Paneling and bookshelves have to go!


Kitchen Bar & 2nd Floor of Back Porch

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